Tips for Budgeted Remodeling of Your Bathroom

Tips for Budgeted Remodeling of Your Bathroom

Most of us consider the bathroom to be a very significant part of our home and often go an extra mile to remodel this area and make it look super cozy and elegant. However, in case you are not up for getting your bathroom remodeled by an agency, you can always do it yourself in a surprisingly budgeted way. While a full upscale renovation of your bathroom may cost you nearly $60K, you can achieve something close to that at a much lesser investment.

Here is how you can spruce up your bathroom without spending a fortune -

  •         Believe us when we say that renovating certain areas of your bathroom yourself immediately reduces the total cost to a large extent. To start with you may consider painting the walls of your bathroom yourself. While embarking on the project do not forget to look for the latest trends in wall colors online.
  •         Another cool yet budgeted way of remodeling the bathroom is to go for laminate flooring. While wooden, ceramic or porcelain finishes are highly costly, laminate flooring is super affordable while ensuring a luxurious look.
  •         Also, ditch the idea of getting a new bathtub or shower. Instead, think of repairing the cracks and surfaces, and make them appear new again.
  •         Similarly do not buy a new sink and basin if they are in good condition. Changing the faucets will be enough to make them appear new.

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